My Software Isnt Working At All !
Posted by Cyber Junkie on 23 June 2016 03:22 PM

If your purchased software is not working as it should ...
Display has frozen
Has stopped
Is not reacting to clicks

Sometimes software will freeze or crash, this is normal and is entirely dependant on the users system environment (CPU, RAM etc ..)
Please close the software and restart it.

If you have restarted and your software is still not functioning correctly please check the following 1 by 1

STEP 1 : Run the bot with Admin rights
Sometimes overlooked but crutial for your software to function correctly and to read and write to relevant config files

STEP 2 : Install this (.NET 4.5)
Without this .NET framework none of Cyber-Labz software will work, this EXACT version (4.5) has been confirmed to be the best compatibility match
*WARNING - Version below and above may cause your software to not function properly or at all

STEP 3 : Install this (C++ Redistributable)
In Some cases where a user can NOT install .NET 4.5 (Latest versions of Win10) this C++ Library is confirmed to be an acceptable replacement to .NET 4.5

STEP 4 : Make sure your AV and Firewall are not blocking, add the bot to any whitelists
As we are a small company our software is not digitally signed (yet) therefore some AV's will prevent your software from working

STEP 5 : make sure Windows UAC is not blocking the bot from functioning
For similar reasons as Step 4 Windows UAC may need to be set on a lower setting for your software to function correctly

STEP 6 : Move your software installation folder including ALL FILES within to "C:/"
Depending how your OS is setup even if run as Administrator is enabled your software may be blocked from accessing necessary files within your "Program files" folder

STEP 7 : Try setting compatibility to Windows Vista SP2 and others
Entirely dependant on the users system, some users claim other compatibility settings work best for them, try them all and see which is best for you

STEP 8 : Restart your PC
Another overlooked action, this enables any config files to be correctly registered after installation and often resolves a software not loading

If after the above it still is not working correctly, please open a support ticket with the following details attached and we will reply within 24 hours :

  • Your Windows OS (Including if "32" OR "64" bit)
  • The language that your PC is currently set on (Region/Language Settings)
  • Your EXACT .NET versions (Can be found in Windows UnInstall a Program)
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